Boyka: Undisputed IV

Boyka: Undisputed IV

Boyka: Undisputed IV

Boyka: Undisputed IV

In the fourth installment of the fighting franchise, Boyka is shooting for the big leagues when an accidental death in the ring makes him question everything he stands for.

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Title Boyka: Undisputed IV
Air Date Jan 15, 2017
Runtime 0 Minutes
Languages en,

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Boyka: Undisputed IV REVIEWS

  • Finally -- Adkins finds his inner Stallone

    April 9th, 2017

    Reviewers Notes: . 1. If you arrived at this franchise late, you would be forgiven for feeling a little lost. But if you have seen the others, this new instalment is surprisingly satisfying.. 2. For newbies, the original "Undisputed" (which starred A-listers) took an unexpected turn. Not uncommon for film franchises these days, later attempts to k...

  • Bring Me Your F#ing Champion: Undisputed Delivers A Grand Slam!

    April 8th, 2017

    First I am a real reviewer and a big fan of 80's action movies.. Now the plot is easy to follow. Boyka is back, commits an atrocity and needs to fix what he has done to redeem himself. That is all you need to know. The movie does have some heart during his redemption. A lot of flash, but also moments where you feel for Boyka and his journey.. I do...

  • Fight movie with a heart.

    April 10th, 2017

    Boyka Undisputed was worth the wait. Unlike many fight movies this movie have a heart. This is one of the best fight movie of the decade and the best of the year, which had movies like Kickboxer: Vengeance which was an utter disappointment. . Moreover the character of Boyka has been molded so wonderfully that you can feel the pain of the character...

  • Fans of the series n martial arts will not be disappointed. 10/10. Haters go watch Oscar nominated movies.

    April 11th, 2017

    After the events of Undisputed redemption n after fleeing from Russia, Boyka has found religion. He still fights in the rings n he donates most of the profits to the church. He has spent a lot of money to repair his broken knee but events force him to travel back to Russia where he is a wanted convict. This movie is for the fans of the series n fa...

  • Almost exactly as expected

    April 9th, 2017

    I'm pretty sure that no one was watching undisputed 2 and 3 for the plot, it just provides the scaffolding for the fights. Undisputed 4 is the same, though some could argue that there's too much plot. Nevertheless, there's ample fighting and Adkin's throws in some of the lines that we've all come to love from Boyka as well as the moves.. If you're...

  • The legend continued

    April 11th, 2017

    Boyka: Undisputed IV (2016) is the latest installment of the long running Undisputed series with Scott Adkins back again as Yuri Boyka the most complete fighter in the world.Despie being the fourth in the series this movie not let me down when it not only still continue the glory tradition of the previous parts but also help it to became the most ...

  • Not as good as the last two.

    April 9th, 2017

    I am a big fan of these movies but I had a bit of apprehension as the same director wasn't doing this movie but I thought I would still watch it. I was shocked to see an eight vote out of ten when the movie hasn't even come out, but we all know about fake votes just to get people to watch a film. As with a lot of cheaply made films, the main bad g...

  • Good addition to franchise but not great

    April 9th, 2017

    No spoilers I love the Undisputed Series and I decided to make an account for the first time for the new one. I must say is a good addition but not as great as 2 and 3. There are good fight scenes but it lacked the intensity and emotion of what made the series. Scott Adkins was made for Boyka and they should make one more to finish the franchise w...

  • Awesome fight movie

    April 10th, 2017

    Just want to start off by saying that I love all of the Undisputed movies. Usually by the third installment, a movie just fizzles out but now this one. The fight scenes get my adrenaline pumping and best of all, there's not a million action sequence cuts (I think movies get carried away with this nowadays), just Adkins showing off his true talent....

  • Nice fights and laughable acting!

    August 5th, 2017

    This B-movie got some nice fights and like other martial arts movies there is terrible acting and story line going on as tradition is in these all out testosteron flicks.. But actually it almost becomes a comedy when the actors speak, i had some good laughs.. My expectations weren't high so i wasn't disappointed and enjoyed watching the movie. ...

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